Sitemap - 2023 - What To Read If

You're Looking for a Christmas Mystery

You Too Think Taylor Swift is the Person of the Year

Five Questions with Novelist and Podcaster Becca Freeman

You’re Mainlining Hallmark Movies, Part 4

You Need Help Holiday Shopping

You're Attending a Giant Family Dinner

Five Questions with Memoirist Nicole Chung

You're Prepping for Thanksgiving Baking

You Want to Squeeze in Another Spooky Season Read

You Binged "Bad Sisters"

You're Looking for a Mind-Bending Mystery

Five Questions with Author Catherine Baab-Muguira

You’re Looking for More Bookish Newsletters

You’re Psyched Spooky Season is Here, Part 3

Five Questions with “Thursday Murder Club” Author Richard Osman

You’re Recognizing Banned Books Week

Six Lessons from Hitting 6,000 Subscribers

You’re Looking for a TV Read-a-Like

Six Questions with Romance Author Sarah MacLean

You’ve Been Watching “Painkiller” on Netflix

You’re Very Online

Five Questions with Crime and Mystery Critic Sarah Weinman

You’ve Got the Back-to-School Blues, Part 3

You Recently Watched Eight Seasons of ‘Suits’

Five Questions with Author Kat Rosenfield

You’re Ready for International Dog Day

You’re Devastated About the Wildfires in Hawaii

Six Questions with Memoirist Kate Flannery

You’re Prepping for the Back-to-School Season

You’re Tired of the Heat

Discussion: Summer Reading Recommendations

You’re Working on Your Summer Reading Bingo Card

You Always Read the Book First

Five Questions with Novelist Kate Myers

You’re Packing for Vacation (or Wish You Were)

You Stumble Across A List of 7,000+ Bestsellers

It’s Mid-Summer Murders Week

You Want a Dissident Novel Set in Russia

Five Questions with Authors and Publishing Rodeo Hosts Sunyi Dean and Scott Drakeford

You Want to Learn More about Wildfires

You Want “Murder, She Wrote” in Space

5 Questions with Audiobook Producer Kerri Kolen

You’re Ready to Win Summer Reading Bingo

Everything You Need to Know About Summer Reading Bingo 2023

You’re Managing Memorial Day Trip Logistics

Five Questions with Founder Andy Hunter

You Consume a lot of Pop Culture

You’re Enjoying Springtime in the Garden

Five Questions with Author and Audiobook Narrator Julia Whelan

You Can’t Wait to See the Met Gala Outfits

You’re Not Over That “Succession” Twist

You Want to Learn More about Bellingcat

Six Questions with Author and BookTok Expert Leigh Stein

You Love a Series

Recommend Me a Book

Five Questions with Fantasy Author Leslye Penelope

You Want to Spend a Night at a Museum

You’re a Police Procedural Fan

6 Questions with Memoirist Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman

You’re Ready for St. Patrick’s Day

You’re Looking for Your Next Audiobook

You’re Snowed In

Five Questions with Romance Author Kate Clayborn

You’ve Been Hunting for UFOs

You Think "My Heart Will Go On" is Iconic

Four Questions with Author Margot Douaihy

You Love a Family Saga

You're Planning Your Annual Viewing of Groundhog Day, Part 3

Four Questions with Writer Courtney Maum

You’re Celebrating Lunar New Year

You Want to Read More Poetry

Four Questions with James Kirchick

You Obsessed Over “White Lotus”