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After playing last year, I kept a list of potential bingo ideas:

- Play or other script

- Sequel

- Read a book because of the clever title

- Read a book out loud (to your cat also counts)

- Give up on a book that doesn't bring you joy

- Epistolary novel OR letter collection

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Three ideas for bingo:

1. Swap a book at a little free library.

2. Volunteer at a library.

3. Read a how-to guide for something you've never done before.

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I've been reading 'Devotions' too. It's a beautiful and grounding collection. Mary Oliver is one of the poets who has guided me into the world of poetry. Like you I have always felt that I didn't understand poetry enough to appreciate it. Some poems, like some books, will be inaccessible but many are just waiting to work theyr way into the heart.

Good luck with the garden. It sounds beautiful.

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I read Unmask Alice in one Sitting over the Holidays. It's so good!

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I read Go Ask Alice over and over again when I was young. I still remember the tagline. "You can't ask her anything anymore." I can't believe it was all made up. Mind blown.

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Absolutely adore Mary Oliver, and gardening is a perfect way to sit with her work. A few Bingo ideas...

1) Reread a book you enjoyed as a child

2) A book that has been translated

3) A tandem read (two books that are (maybe) enhanced by reading them simultaneously)

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