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Crud almighty. I had not heard about the NWSL, although because this is the world we live in I am not surprised. I didn't listen to the Gymnastics Congressional hearing, although I recently watched "Athlete A" on Netflix and read most of 'Chalked Up' on the same topic. Related on the Congressional hearing front but the House Committee on Oversight and Report (June 7, 2021) on the Mattel/Fisher Price decade late recall of their dangerous "Rock N Play" which killed at least 97 children was extremely powerful. It made me simultaneously lose more faith in the system that we've set up to defer to private companies at every point, but also hold some vestige of hope when I hear reps like Katie Porter absolutely grill the execs. Her time starts at 2:16:00 and it is worth the watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLfJXf5zz4E&t=1s.

Adding all three of those recs to my list! Cotton candy puff, check. Thriller with female lead, check. Gen fiction page turner, check.

Gonna add the Blueberries for Sal to my "babyshower book list".

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